MedTravel Travel Market
09 - 10th May 2016
Novi Sad, Serbia


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  • Clinic Reputation = Clinic Revenue - Daniel Shaw

     I'm here today to share with you how assessing, sharing and acting on the reputation of your clinic or clinics that you visit or work with will make the biggest difference - on long-term improvement, growth, revenue and your health.

    It's an exciting development for healthcare worldwide, however, let first lets look at the problem we all face in international healthcare today when choosing a new clinic.
    "we are the best clinic!"

    How many times have you heard that? Almost every medical practice will tell you that they are the very best for you. But what are exactly they comparing themselves to?
    • Compared to what?
    • Who or what specifically is the best?
    • How specifically?
    • Against all clinics in their town, country or in the world?