MedTravel Travel Market
09 - 10th May 2016
Novi Sad, Serbia

About Conference

Conference objectives:
  • Introduction to the global phenomenon of medical tourism
  • Presentation of potentials of the Southeast Europe region
  • The conditions for the development of medical tourism in Serbia and presentation of potential in the international market
  • Positioning of Serbia in the regional market for medical tourism
  • Positioning countries and the entire region of South East Europe in the international market for medical tourism
  • Adapting existing medical facilities for the purposes of Medical Tourism
  • Linking stakeholders in medical tourism in the region of Southeast Europe: providers of medical services, insurance companies, catering facilities, transportation companies, travel agencies, providers of ICT services, DMO, ministries and government organizations 

Conference objectives will be achieved through the following areas:
  • Trends and best practices in medical tourism
  • Customers in medical tourism
  • Marketing and sales channels
  • Certification and business improvement
  • Legal issues and risks in medical tourism
  • Research in Medical Tourism
  • Wellness tourism
  • e-Health and new technologies

Organizing Committee:
  • doc. dr Ferenc Vicko, State Secretary in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia
  • doc. dr sc. Miljenko Bura, Medicinska grupa (Croatia)
  • Aleksandar Senicic, Director of YUTA - National Association of Travel Agencies Serbia
  • Vladan Veskovic, Secretary of the Association of Serbian Spas and CEO of BalkanSpa Institute
  • prof. dr sci. med. Zoltan Horvat, a member of the City Council of Novi Sad in charge of health (Serbia)
  • Goran Secujski, a member of the City Council of Novi Sad in charge of economy (Serbia)
  • Prim. dr Branislav Katancevic, Special Hospital for Neurological Diseases and Post-traumatic Conditions (Serbia)
  • Ljubisa Zivadinovic, Afeja (Srbija)
  • Stana Mladenovic, Afeja (Srbija)
  • Roman Matek, a consultant in the field of Health Tourism (Slovenia)
  • Minet Music, CEO of Balkan Medical Travel (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Djordje Mihajlovic, Turisticka prizma (Serbia)

The conference is organized in multiple sessions, in a variety of formats (presentations, panel discussions, case studies, etc.). Presenters at the conference are prominent regional managers, researchers and other stakeholders in the development of medical tourism in Southeastern Europe.

The Conference is supported by numerous regional associations from the region of Southeast Europe, as well as the state of Serbia and the Serbian and regional media.

Welcome to the MedTravel conference!